About Customer Carewords

Customer-centric web solutions since 1994

Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, VMware, NetApp, Dropbox, Google Search, the European Union, Tetra Pak, Asian Development Bank, OECD have successfully implemented the Top Tasks approach. We have had particular success in simplifying customer support for large technology companies, and have been delivering services to improve the online customer experience since 1994. We have partners in the UK, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Canada and United States.

Helping you to truly understand what the top tasks of your customers are when they come to your website and how well these tasks are performing is what we do. By continuously improving the performance of your customers’ top tasks, you will maximize the performance of your website.

The Customer Carewords approach is built around the following ideas:

  • Customers come to your public website or intranet to complete tasks. (Staff are the intranet’s customers.)
  • Customers have a small set of top tasks (the Long Neck). These tasks are vital to the success of your website and you must seek to continuously improve the ability of your customers to complete them quickly and easily.
  • Customers use a small set of words to describe their top tasks (carewords).
  • The words that your customers use to describe their tasks are often very different from the words your organization uses. Organizational words (jargon, marketing waffle) are one of the key reasons for task failure on the Web.

Customer Carewords is a set of research tools and techniques that help you identify on an ongoing basis:

  • Your customers’ top tasks (and their related words).
  • How well your customers are able to complete their top tasks on your website (completion rates, completion times).
  • What specific factors on your website are causing problems as your customers seek to complete their tasks (the navigation, the content, the search, etc.).

The company was founded by Gerry McGovern, who started his web career in 1994. He has published six books on creating customer centric websites. He has appeared on CNN, the BBC, MSNBC, and has spoken on the subject of customer centric web management in 35 countries.